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Printing on digital Paper #1 - Hahnemühle Digital Paper

I've started exploring what papers are good and what are not so good. I would suggest that first hand experience with didigtal paper and trialling the paper with the printer you use is always best. There will be a series of blogs that outline some paper options and the support offered. The first will be Hahnemühle Digital paper. The paper comes in the following ranges

Canvas Fine Art

Glossy Fine Art

Matt Fine Art

There is an extensive range of paper and to date I have never been disappointed with what I have used, below is a list of some of the papers.

To view the complete list visit the Hahnemühle Digital paper website

Hahnemühle Photo range includes the following:

Photo Glossy 260 / 290 gsm -

Photo Luster 260 / 290 gsm

Photo Matt Fibre 200 gsm - This is a standard matt paper very robust for its weight

Photo Matt Duo 210gsm - This is like the matt paper but interestingly both sides of the paper can be printed

Photo Canvas 320 gsm -

William Turner 190/320 gsm - I haven't used this paper but I would like to and compoare with the canson Textured paper especially in terms of paintin onto the photo print with watercolurs and gouche.

Photo Silk Baryta 310 gsm - This paper I love using when Im trying to mimic traditional black and white photographs. The blacks are rich and the it is a litght cream colour white.

Photo Pearl 310 gsm - This is my personal favourite in terms of working with images that have incredible sharpness and the luminoisty.

Photo Rag Baryta 310 gsm - I havent used it yet, so no comment.

Bamboo 300 gsm - I havent used this yet but it is composed of 90 % Bamboo and 10 % Cotton

Photo Rag - 188/308/500 gsm - The weight is amazing this paper provides many artistic avenues to explore in photographic imaging and post manipulation through physical interact, ive used sandpaper to get some interesting results. Well worth looking into.

Museum Etching 300 gsm - This is the paper that was familar to me as an etcher and the potential for it as photomedia paper means cross manipulation with printmaking and photomedia can be explored.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.38.28 PM.png

Also the founder of Ilford Alfred Harmon has developed a range of papers in partnership with Hahnemühle which is worth a look. - Harman Professional Inkjet

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 10.08.56 PM.png

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