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Liu Bolin - Hiding in the City @ Mclemoi Gallery 24 Oct - 8 Dec

I saw an exhibition of Bolin's work last year in New York and this simple idea of photographic camouflage in his work was staggering. These images work both visually and metaphorically, I encourage people to view them for themselves.

The exhibition is at the Mclemoi Gallery it will be on from 24 October to 8 December, viewing is by appointment only you can gain more information at

I have chosen for my body to be covered and erased; that’s not the relationship between me and the wall, but the relationship between me and an individual and those slogans, which are used to fool the public. In China, we get used to these slogans. I choose to camouflage my body into the environment so that people will pay more attention to the background’s societal property by erasing the meaning of my body as an individual.

Liu Bolin

LIU BOLIN HIDING IN THE CITY- Balloon, 2012 Photograph 135x 180cm Edition AP 1 of 2


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