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2014 Conference Speakers

Robyn Stacey is a key Australian photographer who generously provided us with her talk from the conference. If you wish to down load it please go to

google doc.

For images from this slide show go to this goggle docs


To view her body of works please go to the Stills Gallery website.

Pat Brassington is another key Australian photographer who generously shared insight about her practice. She provided a detailed of her evolution into becoming a photographer and accounted for how her 'uncanny' images of the visceral body are influenced by feminism and psychoanalysis.

If you would like to view her work please go to the Stills Gallery website.

Ron Pratt is a key Visual Arts teacher in NSW how provided insights to his practice as a teacher at Wyndham College. Ron's powerpoint presentation provided insight to this expereinced teacher who is acknoweldged as an ambassador for Canon Photographics.

This is a line to his powerpoint.

Wyndham College Photography Stage 6

Craig Malyon is a teacher who maps out aspects of contemporary photography in terms of the 3 M's of postmodern photography. Mise-en-scène, Mediated messages and Manipulated Realities.

To download the essay go to this goggle doc

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